The Meditator's Prayer

Are those tears in your eyes, or may they be rain from the sea?

Are these chants yours to make?

Could these be grateful whispers in your ears?

Of a land and life unknown?

Do you hear them?

Are these beads of dew on your lashes or beads of the work you put in from your heart?

Could these be memories in your eyes?

Has the universe awakened?

Then you must be loved then!

Is this the reflection of stars I see?

Or are they your eyes inside looking out at me?

Swordsmen in a fight often know that dance.

I once dreamed of children by a river without end and then there were miles of life ahead 

seen from their own eyes, 

a reflected light of sound,

They were all like that

gifted and stubborn and generous and kind

lifted by joy and sunken when robbed

They saw everything there was needed for them to see and no more

And through them, I saw a whisper of a tower that brought you to me

Are your eyes looking out from them?

Are your eyes looking out for them? 

Can we look out for them?

they see everything.

So now can we see them?

Happy and alive in their own ways of joy that they define.

Can the universe be reflected in better perfection?

But it is also a world we know

And now. 

I hope you are well

But as far as I can tell

Everyone is always well

--- the meditator's prayer 


  • Author: Dhanya (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 21st, 2022 23:22
  • Category: Unclassified
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