The Ocean


The inner me at times roars like a lion,
Yet I'm so calm and sincere,
Just as if I'm a precious diamond.
Such beauty is here.

It's in the ocean where you find it's true beauty,
The worlds seems to hide in the deep.
The ocean is where you find mystery,
Where things live, die, and sleep.

Sometimes I go to the ocean where I can walk along the shore to ponder.
It relaxes my mind, body, and soul.
In the ocean is where my mind drift off, I feel free but I steady wander.

I can relate to the ocean the sound of the waves are so calming, the water is beautiful and clear.It wants to pull me closer and dares me not to fear.

On this ocean I feel safe and secure leaving all my troubles behind, nothing can interfere with my inner peace, because when I'm on the ocean I feel as if the world is mine.

I gaze deep into the ocean and ask myself how far does it goes?Just like life we just go on, but no one really knows.

The ocean somehow understands me it's why I feel so safe, when I'm at the ocean, I don't want to be at no other place.




  • dusk arising

    Nice one! The ocean does something special to us I agree. I envy you if you live close to the ocean.

    • GiftedT17

      Thank you and yes it does its mesmerizing, and live 45minutes from the ocean🙂

    • jarcher54

      Your poem moves from little ripples to a pulsing surf. Your long couplets come rolling in one after the other like long breaking waves... just as one settles into silence the next one comes in with its slowly building power and enchanting spell. Brava!

      • GiftedT17

        I really appreciate you taking the time to read my poem, thank you and it makes me happy you loved it, that is what I aim for🙂

      • pearlsofdew22


        • GiftedT17

          Thank you❤

        • Daydream Believer

          Your poem washed over me with its stunning words. Transporting me to the sea, where its wonders could be heard 🌷

          • GiftedT17

            Thank you very much🙂

          • orchidee

            Good write G.

            • GiftedT17

              Thank you🙂

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