Together, whenever


Together, whenever

Sharon Maria Moemise

The smile on my face speaks of the memories of those nights
when you left a lingering kiss on my forehead
It speaks of the moments I spent in you arms, breathing softly
To the rhythm of your heartbeat in my ears
As I lay my head on your broad chest, reveling in the aftermath
of a lovemaking so pure, so raw, so passionate, so complete
The bitter sweetness of having you for but a moment
The realization that even a love so urgent has to take a pause
makes me hang onto you tighter for dear life
Ere you take your leave, till next time, to a bed devoid of love
I dream of the next time you hold me tight, moulding my body
to fit your every imagination, your every whim
When you flicker your sweet tongue over my throbbing want
While you drink from my cup of musky juice
and make me spill the drops of sensation on your chin
Then you call me your oyster...your addiction, your love
Your gentle, yet urgent kisses warns of a stormy finish 
while you hold my gaze with your eyes black as night
As you thrust home, hard, groaning, grabbing me so tight
and you kiss away the tears that stained my face 
The tears that's a sign that our moments together ends
You tell me you love me and I tell you I love you more
Then I watch you drive off to a bed devoid of our passion
and I know, we'll be together again, whenever.

  • Author: SharonMoemise (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 22nd, 2022 10:54
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Garth Rakumakoe

    Affectionately so, the gentle fingertips of these words individually rise on their own stems, like plants from the redly colored pool of emotion, whence the heart's ink spilled from your pen, on this page. They reach out, they grab, and hold on, and in their firm clutches, two hearts speak as one, beating in synchrony, and never letting go. A true life love story.

    • SharonMoemise

      Thank you kindly, Garth. Coming from a poet with your wonderful writing skill, I feel honored to receive this comment from you.

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