Vamsi Sudha

Sunflower โ€“ You Tower !!


Sunflower not a single flower, but a Bouquet

Feel so bright and is a symbol of Cachet

They are so inviting and Synchronizing

Unity among them, which is really Mesmerizing


Sun rises and they gear up to face it Boldly

Wend along with the Sun's path Duly

Signifies, it’s time to face a new beginning everyday

As each day is unique in its own Way!


Despite knowing that, their life is Short

They don't lose their brightest side, in every Sort

With seeds of Joy and Happiness, Bloom Daily

Rejuvenate itself in the dark nights, to face Life Gaily!!


  • spilleronsheet

    A very beautiful poetry with a very powerful message
    Truly a sun to many sunflowers
    A very refreshing and inspiring poetry dear Vamsi

    • Vamsi Sudha

      Thanks Spiller, the more positivity we see, the more positive life looks. So lets face the Sun of positivity in our lives. Thanks for those inspiring lines !!!

    • Rozina

      Such a bright positive poem. Wonderful words.

      • Vamsi Sudha

        Thanks Rozina, I am humbled ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Teddy.15

        Dear Vamsi, I love the sunflower๐ŸŒป it is also the representative flower for the region that I live, in Tuscany. It surely makes one smile driving past a field ๐Ÿ’– a very beautiful.write.

        • Vamsi Sudha

          Dear Teddy !! Tuscany wow !! a place famous for its landscapes, history, artistic legacy and ofcourse its vast Sunflower fields...
          Glad that you have an eyeful landscapes to view and be close to nature....!!
          Thanks for your lines !!!

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