Faryal Saeed

Who is vicious? The LIFE or YOU?

"Who is vicious? The LIFE or YOU?"

Life has been very unkind to me..
But,  the grievance has built by my ownself,
Who triggered the anguish to engulf you entirely?
Nobody, no one, i let that torment immerse me in-depth..
How could you maim yourself so ruthlessly?
I spared no effort, i was wild..
Have you called upon them to succour you?
I pleaded..
Have you proffered a shoulder to lean on?
I am indecisive, intransient..
How do u feel now?
Just as the life has been drained out of me..
Is'nt it because the life sensed throttled inside you?
Who is vicious? The LIFE or YOU?
I have been very unkind to my life.....

Faryal Bangash


  • Daydream Believer

    Clever writing. Self destruction ebbs through your words. Welcome x

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