Blood under the door

screaming goat.

You to haunt my days,
graves to haunt my nights.
Why do I have to be
a toy for your delight?
Why can't you understand?
"You're life is grand"
Then why am I still shaking?
I'll do as you say, for I still love you.
But no matter.
Now I'm worthy.
Now I am new.
You will always be my mother,
weather by blood and tears
or a deceitful hand
to cause my fears.
Night terrors can come.
I don't care.
Like the blood under the door
no more,
open up.

Blood under the door
From an attempt on my life
Blood under the door
Cut by a knife
Blood under the door
The result of my strife
Blood under the door
The blood of a lowlife

You are my mother
And I love you dear
But your lifestyle causes me fear
All I want to do
Is run away and hide
But with nowhere to go
I just hide my feelings inside

Blood under the door
Hide it away
The lessons I learn
Kept tucked in my heart
If you ever saw
What would you say
Sew my lips shut
Throw away the key
I already know
The answer anyway

Drip Drip Drip
It falls upon the floor
Drip Drip Drip
It's runs under the door
Drip Drip Drop
It sounds within my head
Drip Drip pop
I fall upon my bed

I fall down slowly,
Like a baby in his mother's
Warm arms, that I never had.
And I fall asleep peacefuly
Forgeting that, there is
Blood under the door.
There is everywere
Painting the room red
Drowling all the stars
And it will never stop
Until that last moment
When my heart losts.

Flashbacks of my bloody childhood
Causing me so much paid
Pouring down so hard
A blood red rain
Lasting memories of bloody violence
Things no child should see
Enough for an eternity of their silence
In their adrift
Lost at sea

Join me
help me
listen to me
come to me
All you said
when you saw
the blood under the door
You can't see it yet
but there's a reason
for your misfortune
The blood under the door
can only be blamed
on you
No matter now.
You've changed
served your time.
All I can do
is hide.

As I fall asleep
Mezmorized by your grace
I long to hold you in my arms
And see that smile upon your face
I know it's there hiding behind your pain
But you keep your poker face even in the rain
As I look into your eyes as I fall asleep
I long to see them move and blink
and see them shine with a wink
But as I fall asleep mezmorized by your beauty
I only have your picture I cherish so very dearly

  • Authors: Screaming goat (Pseudonym), Ajax, W.J.G.🕊, sophin, H.B
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  • Finished: February 19th, 2022 15:00
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
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