Whoever Gets the Electron Gets Everything

Samer Amin




The quest for the underlying cause of existence must begin at the most fundamental level of creation.




It should go all the way down to the formation of the tiniest particle of matter.




The structure of the smallest little unit of matter,




reveals a lot about the fundamental notion of the meaning of the word creation itself.




Since considering the origins of creation may give a more methodical approach to fitting the pieces of the perplexing puzzle together.




Reflecting on the smallest basic unit of matter known as the electron, 




which is the simplest letter in the vast book of creation,




the electron proves itself to be the simplest building unit of matter,




and anyone who is aware of the underlying nature of this particle,




as well as how it emerges and vanishes from existence,




may get a great deal of insight into the entire book of creation and life.




The analogy of the simplest format of the most fundamental unit of matter, the electron, is a vortex pattern,




like a tiny water whirlpool in a river.




When these small swirls are joined together in specific geometric arrangements,




another form of a more complicated structure of matter begins to develop.




Therefore, the whole existence can be visualized as colossally coordinated wavelike motions in a boundless ocean.




The electron can be, as a result, visualized and conceived as a vortex in an incomprehensible and immutable essence, according to contemporary physics.




This hypothesized ultimate essence has the ability to generate, propagate and orchestrate wavelike patterns.




Throughout history, numerous names have been given to this fundamental essence.




The unchangeable fundamental core of all existence can be represented accurately by the phrase "The Ultimate Reality."




The Unchangeable Essence or The Ultimate Reality is capable of producing and spreading the wavelike movements,




that give rise to all types of matter and energy in our cosmos.




The Ultimate Reality is the most appropriate word for this glorious immutable essence,




since it is first cause that is able to generate changes via movement.




This propagated induced movements are basically the essence of life itself.




The Absolute Essence, on the other hand, remains forever unchanging,




that is why it is called the glorious Ultimate Reality.

  • Author: Samer Amin (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 5th, 2022 04:11
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  • orchidee

    Good write S.

    • Samer Amin

      Thank you so much! Your precious approval means a lot really. I wish you a very nice day.

    • Jay-Lee Jane

      a fine write 🙂

      "The Absolute Essence, on the other hand, remains forever unchanging,
      that is why it is called the glorious Ultimate Reality."

      i love those lines ^^

      • Samer Amin

        Thank you so much Jay for highlighting the concluding line which contains the main theme for this logical argument. Your generous motivational review is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best. Peace and blessings to you.

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