Do I know you?

Hailey Black

Smiling at me, like a clown
Laughing at my face
I know you from somewhere, but
Who do think you are judging me?
Now look at yourself
At weak, skinny guy, in faded clothes
With frizzy hair, and dreamless eyes.
Running up and down,
Shaking your leg, your head
And even your hand,
It's cold isn't it? Inside just like outside.
You are biting your lips, and
Rolling your eyes, what do you think
What is going on, in my mind,
You know i can see you
Now say something already...
I bored here sitting, and looking
At your face and smile,
In that shattered mirror

As I peer into the mirror
Though shattered from pain
A stranger that hides within
Do I know you?
The image of my fathers face
The only time to appear in such a strange place

Puddles, mirrors, window panes
I stare inside
And it stares back,
The face of the one who is to blame
The face of misery, all the same
I think, ponder, wonder how
I see it so much
But know it not

Reflections in the mirrors
Shadows on the walls
Who is this I see
Above Angels Falls

The reflection in the mirror
Is that actually me?
The tears in my eyes
Fall as if they're from a great sea.
I see cracks in my reflection
It's broken into pieces
I look away
as my panic increases.

  • Authors: H.B (Pseudonym), W.J.G.🕊, ..., Ajax
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  • Finished: February 10th, 2022 14:37
  • Limit: 5 stanzas
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