The Story of a French Girl and an English Boy: Part 2

Alex PB

Notice of absence from Alex PB
Writin' more and more poems is my job,
I shall write when Shakespeare is back.

Now this story reminds me a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey,

The way that they crave for each other in a special type of way,

She forgave him, unblocked him and started to speak again,

And our 2 lovers were talking once again,

Even Romeo and Juliet are watchin down from heaven,

As they're products really don't know any fucking better,

Shakespeare is twitching and turning in his grave,

Knowing the French girl and the English Boy might have to die the same way,

And Christopher Marlowe is laughing nice and big,

Knowing that the 2 lovers are going to have to dig,

Their own graves before they even get a smile,

But our lovers did get it for a while,

She said she fell in love with the way that he talked,

And he felt in love with the way that she spoke,

Until one day thunder started to rage again,

And his words were just emotional manipulation so she could see another day,

Now we have a suicidal couple that doesn't know the best,

The self harm and cuts, came in flowing like the rest,

They both kissed each other and both tucked into bed,

Because the story of our lovers has a twist; they never even met,

Both checking their online fucking status,

See if they wanna talk at all or they're mad at each other,

This sounds like a story between Henric and Catherine of Aragon,

Until our beautiful couple was truly gone,

In heaven Romeo consults our man and Juliet our woman,

Both telling them how stupid they are for what they have ruined,

At least our couple saw another day,

Before he was sent to hell to die another day.

  • Author: APB (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 8th, 2022 17:04
  • Category: Love
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  • Jay-Lee Jane

    Ahhh! yes! a part two!!! another great twist...maybe even bigger then part 1!!!

    • Alex PB


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