Days of the week.. reversed

Alex PB

Notice of absence from Alex PB
Writin' more and more poems is my job,
I shall write when Shakespeare is back.

She made my Mondays feel like Fridays,

And my Fridays feel like Monday,

She fell in love at the start of the week,

And by the end she got me feeling weak,

Weekend was scheduled for the make up sex,

And I won't lie it was sort of the best, 

She sweetened my coffee for a million years,

And held me each evening at her side,

She sweetened my coffee with a morning kiss,

And softened my dreams with her side,

Before she got back on Monday,

And decided to fuck me up by Friday,

On Tuesday she dumped me,

On Wednesday she apologised to me,

On Thursday she got mad at me,

On Friday she blocked me,

Saturday she had sex with me,

Sunday she said she loved me,

Monday she said she wanted to marry me..

And by then the cycle starts again...

But it doesn't bother me because each day gets reversed,

I have my Mondays on my Fridays,

And Fridays on my Mondays,

I forget the other days because she eithers hates me or she loves me,

She just messaged me at how mad she is,

Tomorrow she's gonna block this,

I can't wait for the weekend to start it all again,

Because I love her and she knows I want the best.

  • Author: APB (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 9th, 2022 16:24
  • Category: Love
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