The heart I loved
The arms I hugged
The lips I kissed
The love I once cherished
Shattered and broken I am
Knowing that the love is gone

Adrift at sea with a broken sail
Iโ€™m all alone with the winds of gail
So much pain is comes as hail
But I am captain I will not bail
I will live to tell this tale
Iโ€™ll find my way without fail

The house feels empty without you here
This horrible feeling I can hardly bear
The love we both shared
Now feels like a nightmare
Moving on is harder than escaping a snare
I really want to move on with the speed of the hare

Lost and broken
Broken and lost
Pain awoken
To be the cost
The price of love has now come due
We pay with pain and start aโ€™new

Little by little I am finding them,
The tiny pieces of my broken heart,
But I dont think it will be whole anymore,
For some of them are forever lost,
So now I am looking for another heart,
That is just as broken and just as lost.

My blood's been spilled
My heart's been broke
My hope has been killed
From those words you spoke

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