The moon and I


The moon and I

Do you often stare at the moon?
bask in her ethereal light?
enchanting  isn't?
let me tell you a story.

A story engraved in my bones
a bright silent therapist 
and a broken lonely soul
one's talking, the other's listening.

Her silence speaks light
a light that brightens my night.
fueled by the sun so bright 
sometimes cloth in clouds in a stormy night.

if only she could speak
if only she could hug
if only she was here
caressing my messy hair.

I wonder if she's already tired of my stories
tales of love, despair, joy and suffering 
yes I know  it's tiring 
and I'm tired, I'm so fucking tired.

how can this world be so cruel?
perhaps I am cursed?
why does everyone leaves like I am nothing
a burden and so easily forgotten. 

but I'm glad the moon was there
she was always there 
all night 
comforting till I lost her sight.

but you know what?
if only
if only I had someone to talk to
I wouldn't look like a fool talking to you.

  • Author: Aias (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2022 21:04
  • Category: Reflection
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