She will never know


Im in love with her, but she won't ever care or know how bad.

Even i didn't know til it was too late.

She's beatiful, like the angels I used to see in the church. 

Her voice is high and soft, a melody that soothes my heart and every ache.

But it's too late now.


I see her marching down the halls, hand in hand with the new person.

But it isn't me.

Holding hands with a guy, im a girl.

Holding hands with someone else, in truth I can tell she never really cared with what she said to me last time.

She said she loved me in 7th, but im supposed to believe that when she was with about 7 other guys and some other people.

Just like my mom, a maniupulator, but I fell in love with her. 


So every day, til I can find someone new, I sit here and dream of being the one to hold her hands.

The only one to kiss her lips, and to hold her when she falls down.


This is the unrequited love i've become accustomed to, like the cold wind that breathes in through the dark and stromy nights, just to taunt me in my sleep.

Will i ever get over this, will I find someone new, or will I get my chance. 

  • Author: Brexy Rose (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2022 21:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is a poem about me learning too late that i'm in love with my former best friend and how hard it is. I wish i had someoen else to get over this or even just a chance to be hers.
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 20
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  • GiftedT17

    You will definitely get your chance even if she doesn't see you right now doesn't mean she never will.I could tell you to go after what u want or fight for her, or even confess your feelings but I can't I'm not you.Sometimes you have to get involved with someone new to get over someone.If it's meant to be with her trust me your chance will come, if not don't waste time waiting especially not knowing her true feelings for u.Love yourself first and then you will be able to give that love to the person who is deserving to receive that love in return🙂Good luck sweetie

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