How Did We Get This Far? (Part Two)


How did we get this far?

How did we get to where we are?

Another day has passed. Another event has come. As another war has gone by, I find my myself asking, 'where did this one come from'. Yet now here we are. Only months later is our country now at the threshold of another war; a war that has been going on for decades, but because of social media and more advanced technology we can now broadcast it how we want.

How did we get this far; to a country that is willing to have their civilians take up arms? As half of the People are fighting, the other half are willing to fight, while the other half are afraid that there may be another world war.

Maybe it was just how I was raised, or maybe because times have changed, or maybe because of the confusion today. Either way, I find it impossible to understand what is going on in these world leaders heads. ... but I do know that this is the world that we live in; a world that is full of war, a world that is full of fighting, and arguing. 

As I put my head down, I close my eyes, and I shake my head. ... and yet, a few seconds later, a smile slowly comes across my face, and I realize that there is still hope. Christ is still king. Don't deny it. Yes, Christ is still king, and that God is still the creator and ruler of this world. So as wars will always come and go, that we must know that Christ is Lord.

So I do not know how we became what we did, but I do know that there is salvation in Christ Jesus.

  • Author: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 24th, 2022 22:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: As we see on the news; this is the world that we live in. Still, there is hope in Jesus Christ. Persistence is key
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  • blue orchid

    Absolutely true my love, keep writing from that beautiful caring faithful heart of yours.i love you so much,we must keep praying for Ukraine and stay faithful to God,and believe and accept His will

  • littlegreenbag

    Praying together with you! ❤

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