Under That Montana Sky


The place where we will live,
the place that we'll call home,
is a place with so much land,
for us to call our own.
With mountains to our left,
and grassy plains to our right,
and blue sky in the day,
with plenty of stars at night,
some nights we will sleep in,
and others, we'll sleep outside.
We'll live in a white,
Two-story house,
with a balcony,
and a porch in the front,
and in the back,
with a beautiful white porch swing.
We'll have a Chevrolet Colorado,
for that rugged rocky terrain,
or the deep snow in the winter,
or for the mud when it rains.
So it will be under that Montana sky,
where we will live,
the rest of our lives.

Up in the mountains where we'll make our home,
On our front porch swing,we can watch the wildlife roam,
From the herd of white tail deer,
To the little fox that visits us with black on his ear,
The fresh mountain air,so crisp and cool,
To our pair of eagles diving into the mountain spring pool.
I can't imagine another place that I'd rather be,
Than at our mountain home, just you and me

And like the land, although the seasons pass and grow colder.
you and I will never grow older
The earth may erode,
they may build a new road
but you and I imortal as the rocks
Will sit hand in hand as eternity talks

For us my love , life will be grand,
As we take a stroll across our land,
There in Montana,we will build our lives together,
Our hopes and dreams going high as a feather,
Maybe we will start our own ministry,and strive to set broken hearts free,
Maybe we will live off the land,
And I will make you homemade jelly out of the fruit that I canned,
We will lay under the big blue sky,
And watch the clouds gently flat by
The eagles soar up real high,
I can't wait to live with you,under that big Montana sky

I can't wait to walk with you,
under that blue Montana sky,
as we point out shapes and animals,
in each cloud as they pass by.
We'll hold hands under the stars,
as we stay near the house at night,
and as the whether gets colder,
she'll let me hold her,
as we pull eachother tight.

As we hold each other tight under our blanket made of stars,
We quietly talk about how fortunate we really are,
We have our faith , happiness and God given love,
Given to us directly from our God above,
Hand-in-hand we sleep the whole night through,
When we awake, you're holding me and I'm holding you.
This is how we enjoy those hot summer nights,
As long as I'm in your arms, I have got no frights,
So Dion Phillips Crown, I love you so much,
You tell me the same with every gentle touch,
So please my love, let's get our home under that big Montana sky,
Sweetheart, I will forever be your beautiful butterfly

  • Authors: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym), Crowns4Christ, sorenbarrett
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  • Finished: February 28th, 2022 20:12
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  • Comment from author about the poem: This piece is written for my wife. Persistence is key
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