Help Me O' Lord

Help me O' Lord,

in everything that I do.

When I am at work;

let me work,

as if I am working for You.

When I take a vacation;

do not keep me,

away from You.

When I eat;

let my food,

that I take in,

be glorifying to You.

For my body,

is not my body.

When I speak;

help me to say things,

that are only beneficial.

When I think;

help me to think,

only righteous thoughts.

Erase whatever doubts,

I may ever have about You.

When I learn;

do not let me learn to much.

Help me to know the difference,

between the truth and the lie,

and let me only,

speak what is true.

Help me O' Lord,

to learn from my mistakes.

As a husband;

let me be a Godly man,

and a Godly leader.

When I fellowship with others;

help me to listen,

when I need to listen O' Lord,

speak when I must speak,

lead when I must lead,

and follow when I must follow.

As an uncle;

help me to lead,

by example.

When I need rest,

give me the rest I need.

Help me O' Lord.

If my faith in You is weak,

then give me strength.

If my faith is strong,

then strengthen it even more,

and help me to remain,

steadfast in You.

You are my strength O' Lord.

Lord without You,

I am weak.

I am not asking,

to be perfect.

Nor will I ever be.

Nor do I want to be.

Still, humble my heart O' Lord.

Preserve me,

and give me refuge.


  • blue orchid

    Dion, this is a prayer that we all need to be praying,it really shows your love for God,me and your neices and nephews my love, just know that God will help you become the best man that you can be,and to me,my husband,you already are, I love you so much and you are an inspiration to me

    Melissa and Dion Phillips Crown forever husband and wife

  • matthew jay

    I really loved this write Dion.

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