Time is here,
This very second, day, year.

Time is now this hour today,
Time healing gets on it's way.

Time to utter a kind word,
Time we make love be heard.

Time to rid this world of hate,
Time to knowledge it's true fate.

Time all hearts open wide,
Time to seek truth hidden there inside.

Time lost souls the right path find,
Time to open every closed mind.

Time eyes begin to see our Creator soon shall die,
Time to realize, hate is the reason why.

Time to cease disaster cast upon Earth by all,
Time to remove every single religion wall.

Time we unite, find a way to agree,
Time to really, begin to see.

Time to stop placing conditions on love,
Time to end all this push come to shove.

Time anger be put back in it's place,
Time to regain life's gift of Grace.

Time to share, stop being selfish, full of greed,
Time to comfort, have empathy for those in need.

Time to rekindle humanities eternal flame,
Time to abstain from placing blame.

Time to express compassion to others around,
Time we all, find a common ground.

Time all souls reunite with the Divine,
Time to taste a little spiritual wine.

Time Our Self's be true,
Time to journey a path that's new.

Time we rebuild our Kingdom-a-Heaven upon Earth,
Time humanity realize it''s true worth.

Time we try, what''s for us to lose,
Time hearts be free these worrisome blues.

Time to realize all worldly problems, just let them go,
Time Our Creator's fate the world know.

Time a silent moment, by all be taken,
Time the sound be heard of a heart that's break'n.

Time to calm this Universes silent cry,
Time is no friend to Him, who waits to die.

Time humanity awaken, become aware,
Time, His anguish and pain be felt everywhere.

Time, Our Creator this senseless death no longer await,
Time won't care that we were to late.

Time has come for us all to right our wrongs done,
Time this war with evil, by good be won.

Time shall cease most certainly for us all,
Time all humanity hear, we His children, He does call.

  • Author: Kimberly Banks (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 7th, 2022 21:52
  • Category: Unclassified
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