Parents to children

My son, my daughter, my child

Life is ain’t easy

It is painful 

And entangled in suffering

With an immeasurable stress

That my brain can not describe in words.

Listen up my child;

If you are not taught by us, the world will teach you

The advice we give it’s for your own good

You can decide to use it or not use it

But when you place in your heart

It will help you and direct you in a clear direction illuminated in life.


My child be strong when you are broken

Remember you took nine months in your mothers womb

God knitted you together

 From head to toe

You were never meant to be loom.


My children do not become heartless

But rather chatless

So that you always think about what comes out of your mouth.

The tongue you have is small

But can destroy anything 

 Otherwise a lot of things

My child follow what you are passionate about

Not what your friends are

Tattoo these words in your heart

So that they can never be erased from there.


My children the world is getting crazier

And cazier.

Be quiet like a dove

And clever as a snake.

Be Careful with the friends you have

You can love them all but trust no one.

  • Author: Cesuke (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 12th, 2022 20:40
  • Category: Unclassified
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