Be strong


Everybody says that we have to be strong,
But it's so difficult to, when things go really wrong,
Tempted to give up, tempted to quit trying,
Being so hard on ourselves,and just sit there crying,
But we must not let the devil influence our life,
We must cut him down quickly and avoid all his strife,
We must stand up and dust ourselves off,
Regardless of what others think, that just sit back and scoff,
Now I understand what it means to Be Strong,
Only by loving the Lord all our life long

To him
Who resides
Upon the clouds
In the higher realms above high
I surrender in his plans
The plans he wove for me
I open the wings
To fly upon the air he weaves
There are cliffs
Where I fall
Only to know
That I could dive
To fall and rise with
Wavering time
Yesterday was my day
Today maybe not
Maybe tomorrow shall be my day again
For that tomorrow
Remember to be strong….

Be strong Ukraine,you will be okay,
Vladimir Putin is destined to fall one day,
I pray for peace and no more war,
Keep praying my friends,and soon Putin will be no more,
Be strong Ukraine, you're children of God,who is faithful and true,
Believe in Him power for He really is here for you

We must learn to be strong,
in a world full of corruption,
and not be complacent during peace,
knowing that it can come to an abbruption,
We must be strong,
as Satan constantly tries to deceive us,,
and know that if we come boldy before Christ,
He will willingly receive us.
We must be strong,
as people will try to do us harm.
We must focus on Christ,
as He will keep our hearts warm.

We must stay strong for life as we know it can pull you down;
When we feel that life is getting you down, look to Christ because He is the being where all strength comes from;
When we believe in Jesus know that He is with you always.

Be strong little one, for you are the strongest of us all
Raise your head little one for you are the tallest of us all
Dont cry little one, for I am here with you

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