My funeral, My Choice .


My funeral is gonna be awesome. 
There'll be loads of food. 
Pies and crisps and sausages
And sandwiches.. 
Not salmon-spread and crust-cut-off sandwiches, thin-sliced  listless-with-lettuce sandwiches 
But thick-cut jaw-stretching 
You-could-live-on-these-for-a-week sandwiches. 
There might also be fruit. 
I don't know yet. 
But it's my funeral and I get to chose. 

My funeral will be fantastic.
There'll be wine red, white and rosé.
Maybe even sherry. 
And  beer, lots of beer. 
Belgian beer and rich, thick dark English ales. 
But no lager, if you want lager bring your own. 
I'm sorry but it's my funeral and I get to chose. 

My funeral will be the best. 
No religion no speeches or solemn music 
Just laughter and jokes and drunken singing. 
Though people are allowed to shed a quiet tear. 
I will I fact you all have to cry 
At least a bit. 
And say how much you miss me. 
You do.
It's my funeral and I get to chose. 

My funeral will be brilliant. 
I've wrote a poem and everything. 
And you all have to listen. 
And you all have to cheer at the end
And say how much you enjoyed my poems. 
You do. 
It's my funeral and I get to choose 

My funeral is gonna be awesome
It's gonna be so great 
So good I want to have now
I don't think that I can wait. 
So I won't wait. 
It's my funeral  and I get to chose. 

Although on calm consideration
I think maybe I'll wait . 

Though it's my funeral 
So I won't get to choose!


  • Author: Garry (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 16th, 2022 15:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: Hopefully this won't be relevant for some yet. But that's not my choice
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  • Christina8

    You SHOULD get to choose! I too have always have that looming fear of a premature death and have arranged for mine. I agree that people should celebrate your life!! Not mourn your death....

    • Garry

      I haven planned my funeral. But keep idly discuss with my wife. I don't care what she does with me as long as what ever it is brings her some comfort. (preferably no religion)

    • Buzz Bray

      Nicely written. I like it!

      • Garry

        Cheers ears

      • L. B. Mek

        your vibrant wit and personality
        just shines through, brilliantly..
        well executed, such a fun read
        thank you!
        (fyi, not sure but there might be a typo in this line:
        'I will I fact you all have to cry ')

        • Garry

          Thank you, yes there is. I removed 2 previous lines and this followed on from them. Cheers

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