Earth is crying


Earth is crying and,
No one pays no heed.
None of us pays attention,
Why disregard the weep?
Why can't we stop the heat?
As we keep ignoring the distress,
And the earth dies, before our eyes.
And yet, we all, foolishly on its surface!
Like idiots, we shoot our own foot.

Earth is crying;
We cut its trees short,
We made them wood frames,
We denied them to grow higher,
We left no trees to stop clouds from passing over.
There shall no be rain without trees.
And nothing to stop winds, from blowing at its will.
Even the seedlings were not spared.
Its, us who burnt them to charcoal.

Such lack of mind, leads to destruction.
Earth is whimpering;
Right here right now.
It’s getting feebler and fainter,
As death approaches our planet.

How did we end up here?
When have we lost clarity?
Only to plan the murder of our offspring’s.
This is the result of selfishness,
It’s the inheritance of a greedy forefathers,
It will break their hearts.
Ironically, we all wait for the spring to come
Isn't that our ignorance at its best?
Raining seasons are no longer with us,
They are in the distant past.
Rain drops ceased to fall from the heavens.
Not even the dew comes at night.
So where will we fetch water?
How will we get water?
That land that had the farms,
With the dark green Dhamas trees,

That land that had the acacia forests.

Those green lands that had the grass,
Were turned into a vast desert,
Abandoned and left in dry.
Who are we blaming? Why are we blaming?
Earth is crying;
We stabbed it deep in the abdomen,
We poked it with our knives of cruelty.

We tapped into its veins and arteries.

Sucked its blood with those evil pipes,

There are some of us who don’t get it yet

There are some of us playing with fire,
The petroleum is not any other thin

It’s the life of the planet,It’s the marrow of its bones

It’s what makes earth, earth.
It’s what Venus and Mars lacked
We drain the life out of it,
And the planet dies, for good.
Where shall we be going to trek?
Once our actions go this badly,
We can only expect the worst,
And watch the catastrophe unfold,
At those innocent lives.
They will bear one day, not aware of the traps,

We laid on the dead solid dry lands.
And the skies that once used to be blue,
Has now worn the butterscotch color,
And renounced to yield clouds.
Skies, that forgot all but what rain was.
Sun will not be as kind either,
To those innocent young lives,
As it will bombard earth and those guiltless ones with flickering rays.
They will not get any water, but to lick the dab of their own sweat,
For few hours before they perish

We denied them the time to taste the taste of life.
They came and gone, without notice or trace.

This final cry of earth;Is not intended for the ears of the fools,
Neither for those emasculated cowards,
Nor for those of the empty and thoughtless.
The distress call of my dhaanto,
And the recitation of my poems,
Are only for those of the wise,
There are many of them in the country,
Listening the voice of the despair,
Watching the demise of a struggling planet.
Few of those daring ones, do really care about earth.

Hassan Kossar

1 Dec 2021

  • Author: Hassan Kossar (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 16th, 2022 21:18
  • Category: Nature
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  • Ok Waleed

    How do we save earth

  • Buzz Bray

    Powerful. How will our progeny judge our stewardship of the planet?

  • Adelodun Toheeb

    This is an heart touching poem. Keep it up.

  • orchidee

    Good write H.

  • L. B. Mek

    an Important message!
    thanks for sharing

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