blue orchid

Keep moving forward

Keep moving forward,my brother and sisters in Christ,
Keep pushing against the devil with all of your might,
His ultimate goal is for us to be alone and miserable,
But with God, He makes us ready and able,
We need to work together and take Satan down,
We need to send him back to hell, back to the hellish sound,
Keep moving forward and praying for the return of Christ,
Pray earnestly and true, pray for Jesus to come back and surround us with His Holy light

I press on toward the upward call.
We must move forward without looking back.
Do not worry, for Christ will defend us,
when the devil tries to attack.
God has a plan for His people;
plans that the devil will try to stall.
... but satan tried three times,
to defeat the Lord,
and each time satan would fall.
As soldiers in the Lord's Army,
we must constantly advance,
and know that the devil cannot harm me
because against God, there is no chance.

As soldiers in God's Army we will stand tall,
Let the Devil come against’s because we know the we will win in the battles to come, because the Lord is always with us no matter what is to come.

Keep moving forward, towards Jesus's light,
For if you don't have Him,you have no sight,
Can't clearly see,or hear God's word,
You are also deaf,if you haven't ever heard,
You are already dead,if you can't bring yourself to believe,
I pray that the error of your ways will leave,
And you see God with recognition,
And fully give yourself to Him,and receive life from His salvation

No matter what religion you believe in
The Lord Almighty will be there for you always
Allah, Jesus, Moses and Shiva
All are watching you from up there
Do good deeds, for the Lord is everywhere
Watching your every step
People will test your patience
But you, you don't lose it
Do good, be a part of the greater world
For you're the last hope for our posterity


  • Osei Zion

    God bless you. Keep moving in the strength

    • blue orchid

      Thank you so much friend, God is great

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