Thank you


Thank you all for praying for rubyrae,
It looks like now that she will be ok,
God is great, God is good,
Thank you for reaching out to Him,as we all should,
God kept Ruby safe, He held her in His mighty arms, shielding from any more of the devil's harms

May the Lord watch over Rubyrae,
each and every single day.
May He give her strength,
all of her days,
to live for Him and give Him praise.
May He give her the piece she needs.
Let her grow, and get rid of her weeds.
May He give her rest, and not be faint,
So she may serve Him with no restraint.

We all know that Christ is the great physician and He will always follow through with miracles abound;
Rubyrae it one of those miracles that He kindly bestows His love for all don’t you know;
So turn to Him always Rubyrae for He for He is the creator of all the stars and moons and His love means everything.

Thank you for your kind words, I tried to make this rhyme but my brains all foggy. I really appreciate it all.

Fix your attention on God
and not so much on others.
Your times are in His hands;
that is all that matters.
Note to self, oh my soul:
As you do the best you can,
learn not to get upset
when things don't go according to plan.
Relax in God's goodness.
You know His ways are sublime.
He is never in a hurry
but is always on time.
Let's continue to keep our faith in God as rubyrae continues to heal,faith the size of a mustard seed is all you need,because when two or more agree in his name,his miracles will reveal...

One moment can change
a day,
One day can
change a life
And one life
can change the world. 
If we fail to look after
others when they need
Who will look after
To live a pure unselfish
One must count
nothing as one’s own
In the midst of abundance. 
She who knows life
flows, feels no wear or
Needs no mending
or repair. 
An insincere and evil
friend is more to be
feared than a wild beast;
A wild beast may wound
your body,
But an evil
friend will wound your
Thank you for your prayers
Thank you all for praying for Rubyrae.

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