Daylight Savings Time


I woke up this morning, with light through the curtain.
Something felt wrong, of this, I was certain.
The feeling I had, just wasn’t the same.
Something’s not right, something is lame.
It didn’t seem right, the sun shining late.
Starting off behind, now was my fate.
The clocks all were set, last night before bed.
That still doesn’t change, the morning I dread.
First morning light, is something I’m used to.
It’s just time for me, it’s my usual to-do.
Though I try to accept, the reason for this.
It doesn’t seem right, I try to resist.
Kids waiting for busses, to take them to school.
Can’t see each other, who came up with this jewel.
Disrupting the world, not something I like,
I’d like to tell them, to go take a hike.
Changing our clocks, is trouble enough.
On digital ones, the sequence is tough.
Maybe I’ll move, to a place with some sense.
Where clocks are consistent, and people not dense.
There I’d be happy, with the sunrise each day.
Only minutes of change, from dawn yesterday.
Now, I’ll be ready, for the start of my day,
Just when it should be, just when I say.
Thank you for reading, my quaint little rhyme.
Now I am done, I’m all out of time.
No more words do I have, for this rant that I do.
I wrote this today, for reading by you.
I’ve complete my task, and now so have you.
We can stop it right here, please don’t be blue.
In six months you’ll see, another poem for sure.
About changing our clocks, but still with no cure.
  • Author: Greg57 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 23rd, 2022 11:42
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just a few thoughts about Daylight Savings Time. Hopefully, soon to be, a thing of the past.
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  • Bella Shepard

    Absolutely love this rant on daylight savings time. Great rhyming and flow. Well done!

    • Greg57

      Thank you for your comment, Bella. Really appreciate it.

    • Christina8

      Great rhyme about our ridiculous daylight savings time! Awesome job! Welcome to MPS by the way!

      • Greg57

        Thank you, Christina8. I told my wife (Bella) about your comment on my poem, and she said you two have exchanged comments. Small world. Thanks, again. Glad you liked it.

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