Across the Andromeda



across the andromeda

far far away

near the collapsing cosmic sea

there lives a sakura tree


on a planet rightfully born

from the ashes of a thousand stars

serene she stands alone

looking back at a cold empty universe

a universe that’s become monotone


with leaves of pink and blossoms of white

she makes the sorrows of all who come

shrink in star light


chaos and order

beautifully intertwined

in her leaves that bowed

and petals that glowed


blessed with the beauty

of the heavens up above

and branches that hold the sky

from falling into the deep abyss below


Now waddling along a few miles away

was a lonely little frog on the brink of decay

Nearing his death on a boat he built

he wished a wish

to finally stand still


through the forest of despair

and mangrove of nightmares

the frog saw a light

that he had never seen elsewhere


the light that blinded him

her luminance that reminded him

of the one he had lost

and the things it had cost


he rowed and rowed

trying to get closer

but he couldn’t

his memories held him back

a chain from his past

cold and black


so he sits at the bay

watching the sakura tree

across the andromeda

far far away












  • Author: notbasil (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 25th, 2022 16:10
  • Comment from author about the poem: best i can do take it or leave it
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  • M. J. Smith

    While one should never forget the past, it is not healthy to be bound by it. Growth is only possible when we move toward the future, not when we fixate on what was ans stagnate. Beautiful, wise words. Wonderful images. A most unique poem.

    • notbasil

      thanks man , trauma bro what il do but i’m trying my best ngl , inshallah il move on

    • Arvy

      Absolutely exquisite, Astonishing imagery! I love how far way from earth this is, I love the journey I was taken through while reading this piece. The sakura tree added a beautiful balance between the outer space and plant earth. I LOVE IT!

      • notbasil

        thank u arvy very cool

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