Memories from my childhood: Dice Baseball


One day is was raining, when I was a kid.

Playing outside, was strictly forbid.


We thought for a moment, let’s find a new game,

When stuck in the house, because of the rain.


An idea was born, on this day in May,

Something inside, to do on this day.


We thought and we thought, variations of games,

Many taboo, like tag or wargames.


Then an idea, was noted by one.

And others agreed, this could be fun.


We found us a die, an idea was born,

A dice game was coming, about to be born.


If one was a single, and a double was two,

a triple was three, next a homer was due


During the games, there have to be outs.

So the innings would end, leaving no doubts.


For the rest of the numbers, the six and the five,

outs would be tallied, when they did arrive.


Scoring was done, with a pen and a pad.

The game was still coming, hey, this is not bad.


We were quite happy, with our developing game.

One thing is for sure, it would bring us no fame.


With each die that was thrown, the runners advanced.

On paper at least, the game was enhanced.


The innings amassed, on our first test run.

The game was beginning, to provide us with fun.


With a few little tweaks, just here and just there.

We found that we had, a game with that was fair.


Who knew at that time, when we are ‘bout six.

That we could create, a game without sticks.


Inside the house, on those dark rainy days.

With this little die, we were hitting like May’s.


I was always the Cardinals, this was well known.

I would not have played, to everyone’s groan.


Days would go by, we were dry and inside.

Sometimes our parents, would want us OUTside.


We were mostly subdued, till a die came up FOUR.

Then the parents would tell us, hey, there’s the door.


It now had stopped raining, go outside and play.

Be noisy at will, for the rest of the day.


But we all did agree, our success at the task,

of finding a game, Dice Baseball was asked.


I’ve told this story, to my grandkids and more,

my memories of childhood, trying not to be bored.


They don’t seem to care, ‘bout my rainy day game.

It's always their cell phones, where their eyes are now trained


Dice Baseball lives on, in my memory that’s true

With me and my friends, and now, with you too

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  • Published: March 27th, 2022 18:59
  • Comment from author about the poem: An installment in the "Memories from my childhood" series. Dice Baseball
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  • L. B. Mek

    loved this
    great writing, grabbed me
    and hurled me into a world
    a few minutes ago, I never knew existed
    a modern take, tapping into
    that melancholic ode, to youth's
    cherished memories
    that poetry like Byron's, 'so we'll go no more a roving'
    and Frost's, 'Birches'
    captured, so well...
    thanks for sharing

    • Greg57

      Thank you very much for the kind words. I'm not sure how many installments there will be in this "series", but I have some other memories I have written up in "story" form. We'll see how that plays out in the future.

    • Bella Shepard

      Wonderful childhood memories, always great to share. Well told and fun. So why did dice baseball not take off?

      • Greg57

        We waited by the phone for years, but alas Parker Brothers never called.

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