blue orchid

The healing

We can all a little healing,
Especially when we react with the inappropriate feeling,
I said something's the other day that was harsher than I meant,
My sincerest apologies to the one who, those things I have sent,
It was unchristian like, I should have turned the other cheek,
I'm not normally like that, I only got weak,
I cannot control my emotions, when I get shoved,
But now the Lord has given me His healing through His perfect love,
The forgiveness for my actions,is given from above,
So I apologize if I was rude to you,
I will continue to worship God in all that I do.

There are times when I'm not fine
There are times when I do crime
There are times when I don the gown of shame
and there are times when I'm just not fine.
Allowing the crime to mime
Until I lost what was mine
Giving way to croocked sin
that knew nothing but to win
sacrificing once own truthful kin
O man, o man
just don't go by lame van
presented by deceptive fan;
hold on to your own faith clan
build the castle of Orion
O man, o man
never give to sinful plan.
God is great
forgiveness is his bait
so just don't cheat,
pull on the shoes of greet
wearing the socks of love elite
until I humbly learn to finally unite.
O Lord, o Lord
help me to board
the ship of sword
that has only one chord
forgive and forget a lot
making life a garden of plots
that knows nothing but love thought.

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  • Comment from author about the poem: Just an apology for offending anyone with my writing and the subject. I choose
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