The fitting room

You tried me on like people try a garment

in narrow fitting rooms

that have a curtain for a door -

just a reminder 

that things in here are unstable,

that our stay is highly temporary.

How did you feel when i was wrapped around you?

was i too tight or too revealing?

how was my touch upon your skin?

you briefly hid inside of me

did that soothe you?

you looked for refuge between the woven fabrics

did you find it?

you craved to satisfy a few desires

was i satisfying?

you put me back

but now i’m inside out

the hanger, my support, is also lost  

i’m shapeless

i’m undone…

you left the fitting room

wearing a different shirt

what makes you feel at ease with this one choice?

how long will this one be your preference?

i’ll never know, i guess…

i only know that you rejected me



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