Before those 2 years

She was always someone you could rely on. 

Pushing the extra mile to please everyone;

Working hard to keep up with classmates.

Never excepting a C but thriving for an A.

Shattered within 2 years.

That’s all it took to crush kindness in her eye,

And her aspiration 

She fought back even though

 it changed her.


It took just 2 years to destroy her.

She wilted like a flower without sun.

A spiral of tears and discouragement 

Lost dreams and friendship at a youthful time.


While she was a mess for 2 year

She built her backup piece by piece.

On the outside, she seemed back to herself

happy, thriving, and determined. 


  • ame!

    This is so pretty! I really liked the verse "a spiral of tears and discouragement"

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