Nobody special


Singular as they are,

They define the person

My worth, your worth,

The achievements

and the failures.

Letters do not know,

The struggles that we face.

Letters do not know,

The deadlines and clocks,

Letters do not know,

How much we value them.

How we value them

Above our own health,

Our own well-being,

Our own self worth.

letters are worthless,

but more precious then gold.


How I hate you so.

  • Author: No_one_special (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 8th, 2022 16:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: It seems like I’ve been writing even more nonsense lately, does this even count as a poem? Who knows. The American school system takes pride in many things, one of those things being it’s ability to judge a students self worth based on letters that are all but weighted fairly. Take this as a vent. Sincerely, Nobody special
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  • Crowns4Christ

    I couldn't agree with you more,our heart and soul is what defines us, make us who we are and who we will be,not some letter of the alphabet, because you are a beautiful human being made in the image of God,you have heart and soul,you live and breathe,you love and hurt,but all of this is what makes you special, and gives your identity, don't base what you are by a letter,

    Because when all is said and done,a letter is just a letter, nothing more, nothing less,you are so much more.believe me when I say that you are your own person, don't let others get you down,

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