Dearest Friend


Dearest friend,

hope you are doing well

i got that message u had penned

but no paper here at the war-shell

so no reply i could send


hows your mom

hows your dad

what became of the family lamb

are they fed , are they well

please let me know, before the weekend

hope ur not still mad

about me leaving and all that

you know i had to

of all the things i must do

the city burns soon our fescue too

i miss our home, i miss our dock

i miss all the words we shared without locks

i miss those days when we were not quite old but not quite young

all the time we spent at the bay all the songs of hope we had sung

even the times we cycled into dung

from the treasures we hid in farmer jacob’s corn fields

to the nights spend dreaming about the entropic decaying galaxies

far from where our little eyes could see

our feet were planted like spring seeds but our hearts were free to roam without a leash

have the lilies in your backyard bloomed

You know the ones we stole from madam monsiue

or has the winter frost got them consumed

nonetheless i hope she doesn’t sue

the wind is rising i must go

the captain is shouting

i cant leave him alone


when the great dragon is slain

and nothing else remains

you and i will meet once again

we will cut the chains

and roam the plains

until the end of the elysian rains.


  • Author: notbasil (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 9th, 2022 15:16
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Arvy

    I would love to give myself the credit of reviving the eloquent writer that was hiding in you. Beautiful piece, made me smile. see you soon B

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