Ode to the Ukrainian Sunflower


Ukrainian sunflower, a symbol of peace,
No other flower has such esteem.
You’ll grow again, everywhere, in the
Ukrainian landscape. The bat-black sky
Now over you won’t hide your bulbous face
For long. The sky will change to a deep
Blue, and the land to a paradise-yellow field.
Your seeds spread and fertilized
with innocent mercury-red blood, they’ll sprout
Into a valley of sunrise-gold sunflowers.
And the roadsides and fields tank-littered,
Will be flax-gold when your presence comes again.
You’ll raise your beaming face to color
The landscape in a bright yellow hue
Erasing the brown stain of death.
Oh, queen of the people of Ukraine,
You wait for the morning sun’s rays
To salute the brave soldiers who fought
Till the bright day of spring comes,
Tho' their slain bodies lay in the fields,

And the enemy destroyed in the pastures,
Yet, still, you’ll rise in the roads and byways,
The seeds of the brave will fill your fields.
Your eyes will peep over the fences
And cover the hills with a golden glow,
Out on the farms, where you’re born
Again and again as of old; you’ll salute, too,
And nod at your people, who’ve trudged muddy roads,
Who’ll weave sunflower crowns and celebrate you
For brightening their way.
So, Sunflower, grow tall, grow strong,
Spread over Ukraine yellow colors of hope,
No matter your enemy abused and trampled
Your freedom birthright, let your stalk stand tall
For all to see you crowned in victory.
Let the Ukrainians celebrate once again,
Dancing in the fields under your sunbeam,
Dancing on their farms, their towns, and cities,
Rejoicing and celebrating the hard-won victory
In the dazzling splendor of the sunflower’s bright eyes.
  • Author: rrodriguez (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 11th, 2022 12:57
  • Comment from author about the poem: I didn't realize how spectacular, highly productive, and major agricultural export sunflowers are for Ukraine. They are also the national flower of Ukraine and are a powerful symbol of the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the invasion by Russia. I wrote this ode to symbolize hope and joy in victory for Ukraine.
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  • Dahlia

    So incredibly expressed & truthful
    May peace reign over the Ukraine soon!
    enjoyed through through

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