Milind Gautam

My life is a mess, I'm stuck in a maze,
These pills are hard to resist, they make  me stargaze.
It was your pretty face, your flashy ways,
Enough to make me fall for you in the first place.

You made me draw these cuts and scars,
Do you feel my cold? You made me go
this far.
I can't feel myself, you made me crumble,
You made me numb, you made me fall apart.

When we made love, you said that you love me,
It was too good to be true,
I thought that we were meant to be.
My love was blind, I should have known your evil deeds,
It was your pretty lies, which made my heart bleed.

There is something about you, here
Cupid is not to be blamed.
Your love is suicidal, I'm going insane.
On these drugs I'm swerving, drowning
in my pain,
You made me a lovesick, I don't wanna
see you again.

                                          ~Milind Gautam 

  • Author: Milind Gautam (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 11th, 2022 16:38
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 13
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  • L. B. Mek

    (sorry for the lengthy comment, dear poet
    these write and your theme
    is something I can relate with
    on many levels, thanks for sharing)
    that animation, perfectly
    the warped, extreme mindsets
    of individuals, at cross purposes
    standing at that doorway
    of a failed relationship..
    we invest so much, in trying to fight
    for a relationship
    we took for granted, only a few days ago..
    sometimes, it is indeed for fear
    of losing that significant other
    we love, 'with all our heart'..
    but mostly
    it's because we simply don't want to accept
    that we're accountable for this failing
    and we fear, the death
    of a presence in our lives
    we once cherished, so dearly..
    (but ultimately
    its only our ego's, that are convinced
    there's only one person in the world for us
    or that we're what's best for our significant other...)

  • _lonely__side

    You've expressed the feeling very nicely!

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