If silence is golden
Are the dreams that you keep to de yourself
And your wish upon a star bronze
Or is all that thinking inside out

Inside a mirror
Reflecting out
Is me
on the outside
On the inside
A girl
trying to break free
to the outside
It’s all
Inside out

I feel inside out, when the devil tries to take control,
But I can fight him off,he won't get my soul,
Inside out is how I feel, when I get really stressed out,
And I want to lose control,you know, scream and shout,
Have I got the strength within to regain control,
Get behind me Satan,you will never own my soul

the past creeps up trying to tell me I'm to blame
but I'm not the ones who stared but never cared are
the people who say it's ok to hurt and beat you child
cannot see the illness they started
and that I have to live with

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