Why does people judge others by the color of their skin,
Don't they know that technically we all were created by the Lord where everything did begin,
They say that it's wrong to love somebody of a different race,
But God knows our hearts,not the color of our face,
He made us all in His image, and loves us all the same,
Regardless of our looks,skin or name,
Skin color is nothing but a way to tell us apart,
So judge not,lest ye be judged, accept others for who they are,by what is in their heart,
What I think should be done with racial discrimination,
I think we can all stick together, and ban it by elimination

I hate this skin,
This skin that I'm in
I'm ugly and tired
And I wish I was thin
I feel so grotesque,
I wanna slam my head on a desk
I hate this skin,
This skin that I'm in

God created the first man named Adam from different colors of clay;
That would make Adam multiracial and here are more things that I'll say.
Since God created Eve from Adam, then that would make her multiracial too;
Adam made Eve his wife and what I'm saying is true.
God sent Adam and Eve to earth so they can live in the city of Mecca, which is a fact;
Adam and Eve had many children who were white, yellow, red, brown, and black.
As Muslims, Adam and Eve taught their children that racism is forbidden in Islam, as you can see;
There are Muslims of all races and colors and I'm speaking honestly.
Marrying someone of another race is really swell;
Racism and bigotry are awful and that's all that I'll tell.

The skin I am in; I feel is beautiful. This skin that I’m in is more than bountiful. We should love one another no matter the color; I’ve said it before we’re all sisters and brothers. The saying is true never judge by a cover; I love the skin you’re in no matter it’s color!

We the children of God
are assorted gems in his eyes
he made us according to plan
which includes all these
beautiful skin tones around the world
we are God's divine tapestry of color

We all are different.
We are all the same.
There is no better or worse,
so stop pointing the blame.
There are people who cannot,
really get by.
So put all of the race,
and the blame to the side.


  • cbdave

    Great poem, we are all born in the likeness of God. That means we are brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    • Crowns4Christ

      Amen brother, thank you so much Dave

    • dean langmuir

      That came together very nicely,thank you for the invite,I haven't been involved with a fusion poem,not sure how it works,take care.

    • Christina8

      Racism is wrong
      Makes me feel bad to be White;
      If loving my husband is wrong
      than i don't want to be right!

      All these things poets said
      before me is true;
      So love your fellow man
      No matter the skin tone or hue

      • Christina8

        Man, thought i was participating in the fusion! Sorry Blue Orchid, guess there was more interest in this subject than people thought! Wonderful!

        • Crowns4Christ

          Thank you Christina, I love your addition, next time I'll make more spots, love your man no matter what, mine is a mixed race marriage, and my family is all against it because he's black,but I don't think that it matters,you love who you love, God is love,so it's not wrong ever,

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        • 1ofMyPassions

          Inspiring poem! Thanks for sharing.

          "The skin we are in, doesn't begin racism
          Racism is a tool used by fools
          To elude their truth
          Their bravado is an act
          Relying on fiction not fact
          That there is a greater race
          We all are born, bleed red and die
          Next of kin, foe or friend
          The skin we are in, doesn't begin racism
          That is a choice"

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