Pearcemelville 兎敏



Heavy wave connects me to All
Fluctuating wave touches 1
with another
Holding Everything Together
lest The Universe should splinter and Split 

 cause to Weight
As light it traverses cosmic distance
An egalitarian connection
A proposition without special markation
or choice

A force  Strength in Weakness
like Daoist Dualism
crosses a Chasm 
A universal link 
Ubiquitous existence 
Interaction at a distance
Avoiding cataclysm and Chaos

Calling All Matter

Calling All Matter  Come to Me 
Come now  from near  from far away   commence your way  to be 
Be part of my singularity Gravitate to my Estate
Let's Party!  at my Horizon 
We may share it 
None shall be left behind 
come for a Spin  lose yourself Within

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  • L. B. Mek

    'A force Strength in Weakness
    like Daoist Dualism
    crosses a Chasm
    A universal link
    Ubiquitous existence
    Interaction at a distance
    Avoiding cataclysm and Chaos'..
    what a verse! a great read
    thanks for sharing dear poet
    (I hope, somewhere
    there's a white hole
    to juxtapose, its twin - black
    like that Daoist, ideal
    that threadbare balance in our universe
    a thought, that has us hoping
    for our bad days, someone
    gets a nice day
    and we in turn
    await for karma, to return
    that same favour...)

  • Neville

    a most intriguing and otherwise interesting post .. I am delighted to have been drawn here ... Neville

    • Pearcemelville 兎敏

      Thanks Neville drawn here
      like that
      I hope it continues to attract interest and capture readers

    • sorenbarrett

      This poem is full of great lines. My favorite is the same as L.B. Mek's . You bring western and eastern views together. Well done.

      • Pearcemelville 兎敏

        Fritjof Capra The Tao of Physics
        is a wonderful read that draws comparisons between nuclear physics and eastern mysticism
        the inspiration


      • spilleronsheet

        A very unique and exotic poetry dear poet giving me a vast field to expand my thoughts….enjoyed reading it….keep penning and post it…

        • Pearcemelville 兎敏

          I hope I may offer new approaches to poetry
          I toyed with this rhyme scheme
          much fun
          first two lines
          last words rhyme
          then four words separated
          Then comes a sentence with ten syllables
          Then a sentence with nine syllables

          • spilleronsheet

            That’s very interesting dear poet

          • Bella Shepard

            The subject of your poem just draws me in. I love all things cosmic, and your knowledge and description is stellar. I love a poem that really makes me think, and you've done that, thank you.

            • Pearcemelville 兎敏

              Thankyou I feel honoured
              If I may the sequel is a song the Bard composes from songs heard in the future my open facebook group
              The Bard Returns from the Future

              I like to write historical scientific
              educational material inspired by Italo Calvino and George MacDonald Fraser
              Calvino gave persona to elementary particles and Fraser wrote historical fiction with annotations that clarify what is documented history and what is embellishment He will insert his character into a meeting of world leaders or war generals where the number of participants has been verified but not all identified And he delivers with cleverness and humour
              Thankyou for your thoughts and hope you enjoy Quantum Love {entanglement blues}

              • Bella Shepard

                I will definitely read Quantum Love. I love history, science, and especially cosmology and your work encourages me to learn more. Thank you!

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