screaming goat.

The world seems empty,
so full of nothing.
Everything is exhausting,
and the people are becoming
exactly what they said
they wouldn't.
It's red, this place.
Nothing seems so happy,
for everyone except me.

Absolute nothingness
Into the void
Deep into the world of paranoid
Will destroy ya
So they say
But nothingness
Will annoy ya
All the day

You are not nothing,no matter what you think,
You are floating on the water, you're not going to sink,
You're not nothing, regardless of what you're told,
You are special to the Lord, really something to behold,
You're not nothing,no matter what you feel,
Pull over and let Jesus take the wheel,
He will not steer you wrong or make you crash and burn,
He will not make you late or take a wrong turn,
With God as your guide, nothing can go wrong,
So enjoy the ride and sing a new song

Absolutely nothing
Will keep my heart from loving you
Not oceans so vastly wide
Not skies so vastly blue

Nothing is.what I am
Forever what ill

In the depths of my despair
Down upon my knees
I implored to god above
Given nothing for reply
I let out a primal roar
Denouncing all his love
No signs no guidance
Not one thing
Absolutely Nothing
To my call
Only a place where angels fall

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