Hi honey,how was your day?

Another hectic one eh

How about some music to relax to

Another brick parts 1 & 2? Or Dark Side Of The Moon?

Let me run you a nice hot bubble bath

Now you just sit back and relax

I slip off your shoes and socks

Take these pins out and let fall your beautiful locks


Now I slip you out of your beautiful dress

Just let your mind slip away and forget all the mess

I wash you from the bottom of your feet to the tips of your hair

And everything in between

I just want you relaxing without care

Just let your mind wander to a place of your most serene………(Pink……………………Floyd………………music ………………………playing)………………………………………………Now I gently dry you off and make you your evening tea


I gently rub your shoulders and kiss the nape of your neck

Ever so gently with just a peck

HHHHHHMMMMMMMMM baby you smell sooooo good

I’m getting turned on just as I knew I would


Ooooh sweetie you too?

Well you just lay back

and let me pamper you


I lick your feet and suck on your toe’s  

Just relax and forget all your woes


My tongue begins to wander up your shin and over your knee to your inner thigh

Stopping just short enough to draw your sigh


With such force you push my head into your groin and slightly down

I delightfully dine under your gown


Your Asian honey is sooooo sweet

My tastebuds give in with such defeat


With each sigh of pleasure you cannot contain

Excites my libido as I call out your name(Abantika)


You pull me up

I kiss your navel

Then my lips mount your breasts

I gently nibble and softly caress


Further up my tongue slides to your throat

I lick

I suck

I kiss

I nudge the little man in your boat


You pull me closer with all your thrust

I Can’t help but go deeper

I must



Our breathe is heavy

We start to sweat

I am soooo hard

You are soooo wet


I nibble your ear

Whisper “I Love You”

and bite your lip


As we kiss you bite my tongue

Our eyes meet

Your nails they dip


Faster and harder

We cry for more
























Written by;W.J.G.🕊




















  • Crowns4Christ

    Love is a very beautiful thing, and sharing such an intimate moment, makes me long for my husband's touch, beautiful

  • FallenAngel1🕊

    Thank you. I was sure to get permission from my sweetie before posting this😂 cheers🥂🌹🕊🌞

  • kitty the naughty poet

    Naughty Naughty lol great poem my friend

  • FallenAngel1🕊

    Thanks so much😂🥂🌹🕊

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