Pearcemelville 兎敏

Morning Monday

Monday morning
Headingout Kerchunk 
.. Six a clock hot coffeethen..
     WOOF!!Who Goes There!    
     Who are yov Who the fvck      
are yov? Woof!  

It's me Augustus  thought by now you would recognize myscentman 
     Oh Mel it's yov  snffsnff          
     sorry dvde  avtomaticrvff
     thovght you was a prowle...


..I gotta skat, seeyalater


     Woof Grvff Pffftt
    WoofHey DvdeDvde 


     Dvde, Dvg this cat vp Ay!
     You shovld Smell it. old man thinks `m    Dvmber  thanna   Basset Hovnd
     He bvried it again mad Bvgger!
     Know wheritis c'mon Yov 
     Shvuld Smellit 

Toldyou before man 
Not into that...

     Oh yeah grvff Still Waw!     
  Ay? Wvw!! 

Whateverdude I`ll catchya later , . .
     HeyDvde Dvvvd!        

WhatnowAugustus? Whaddhya 

 Check this oot

   A mvscle           

 Smells like fish 
     Smells prittーtty goovd! 
     Weirdthovgh innit!     

Mussel  You mean mussel 
Not Muscle!
     woofwoofyeahbvt yov  
     gottahava  mvscle to open 
         It opens yovknow      I seen one  

ThatsfineAugustus Very Nice 
No thankyou ~no smell today
Bakklater alligator
     On the prowler growler    
     woof woof snffsnff
     BOW!! Bow BOWWOW!

Augustus K'monnow I`ll be late        
for work Whatissit?
   Sorry man        snffsnffthovght       
     yov was a prowle...

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