SPRING is the time of year when new life begins

A tiny bud sprouts at the end of a branch. Then another

Fueled by a drop of rain, they grow and grow

Soon the bud unfurls to form a leaf

Different shapes appear among neighboring trees

A unique design for each species

Their shapes include circles, stars, triangles and hearts

There are large ones, small ones, fat ones and skinny ones

There are heavy ones, and light ones, and some are needles

They come in all shapes and sizes

The only consistency is that most of them are green, the color of spring


SUMMER is when they grow and multiply

You’d think they can’t fit even one more leaf in their canopy

Yet they fill every void in their home tree above

In a gentle breeze, they sway

In a gentle rain, they weep

In the bright sun, they glisten

In a storm, they hang on for dear life

And through it all, they grow

They obtain life giving nourishment from the ground

Until, eventually, the summer draws to a close

Days get longer, and there’s more sun each day


FALL is the time when life flows slower through their veins

Their deep green color begins to fade

Leaf by leaf, the green is replaced by orange

Then the orange turns to a brilliant red

Each color change is a beautiful indication

That the leaves have done their job

Providing sustenance to their home tree

And with that, another year of life

But now their lives are coming to an end

They begin to wither and grow brittle

With each passing breeze their connection to the tree weakens

Then, one day, that connection is no longer strong enough

It breaks, and they fall to the ground

Eventually the ground is blanketed with orange

Their brilliant colors are fading to a dingy brown

But selflessly their last act has yet to arrive


WINTER finds them lying discarded on the ground

With time, they slowly disappear under the surface

Finally, they will provide nutrients for future canopies

The sights and sounds of next year’s beauty are being formed

Thank you, leaves, for the appearance of the first green buddings in SPRING

Thank you, leaves, for the swaying rhythmic ballet of a breeze in SUMMER

Thank you, leaves, for providing us a beautiful carpet of color in FALL

And thank you, leaves, for your contribution to future growth in WINTER

  • Author: Greg57 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 17th, 2022 10:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: I first thought of the idea for this poem over a year ago. Since then I have been observing the transformation of leaves in my yard. It seemed appropriate to finally put idea, pen & paper together. Hope you enjoy this.
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  • Rozina

    Beautiful poem. There are so many kinds of leaves, some look like flowers. Although we don't have the seasons here, during the windy season leaves are blown all over and I imagine it's autumn.

    • Greg57

      Thank you, Roszina. I find your comment interesting. People generally think that everyone has the same weather and events as they do in their own locale. Snow, tornados, earthquakes. An observation like yours reminds us that not only are we all different, we have different environments as well. Thank you for reminding us of that fact.

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