Daves Bloke Poems

Honesty Is The Key To A Healthy Relationship.

Look, I promised to never tell you any lies. 

So you should know I just undressed you with my eyes. 

Holding you up with my torso between your thighs. 


Frantically removing cotton and lace.

Wanton limbs in lustful embrace. 

Every contour of skin I trace.


Our muscles tense, then relax.

Into a crescendo of symphonic climax.

But from the look on your face, I guess I was too liberal with the facts.    


  • blue orchid

    Yep you achieved erotic, and trust really is the secret to a healthy marriage, whether good or bad, honesty is always best

  • L. B. Mek

    simple, romantic, hopeful, mirthful
    (why do I think, there's a cocktail mix
    that can blossom form this jarring words)
    thanks for sharing, such emphatically worded poetry

  • Christina8

    A really great poem, it was a joy to read!

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