Sinner Sinner With No Winner


Hey God,

It's me:

Your favorite nobody;

The damnation of your creation - 

Who's hearts I forever tear, 

With my razor teeth always bare.


Hey God,

It's me:

The ghost you can't see;

With his heart on his sleeve -

Always asking to bleed,

Always having to plead.

  • Author: GRJ (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 18th, 2022 20:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: wrote this in history earlier 2day (technically its supposed 2 b song lyrics & its longer but wtvs). also, im not very religious. i have a tricky relationship w/ religion & G-d (4 personal reasons). n e ways ummm enjoy?
  • Category: Religion
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  • Luna Nera

    I actually find this very cool
    thanks for sharing it!

  • L. B. Mek

    firstly, your Author's comment
    was just ummm - awesome!
    you have a natural eloquence
    even writing, in the shorthand
    of modernity..
    your poem itself, I found
    spoke of the disillusioning distance
    a lot of people, can relate to
    that juxtaposition, absence
    of an ever-Present, deity
    seemingly, being
    so consistently, Missing
    in our everyday
    of toil and chaotic, strife..
    for those looking for signs
    of some divine, guidance
    or solace
    it must feel
    like they've been abandoned...
    'It's me:
    Your favorite nobody;'

    'It's me:
    The ghost you can't see;'
    what, a sad thing
    to do to yourself
    to invest, in a faith system
    you feel, alienates
    and hurts you..
    better, maybe
    to walk away and find, something
    more tangible, for you to relate to...
    (an engagingly, Timely
    and thought provoking write
    thanks for sharing, dear poet)

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