Majid abbas

Years, are solitary prolonged years
A man on unknown landscape
Manacled with the gyves of joy
Years were the Hellen of Troy

Man and his world is really unlike any other,
He can be peaceful or murder his brother,
Abel was hardworking, peaceful and kind,
While Cain was evil, and jealous, and felt in a bind,
He murdered Abel with a blow to the head,
The Lord turned Cain away when Abel was dead,

And so it is there where it shows the most
We are able to hit the one that we hold close
Even if all they do is show us their love
We have no problem pulling the trigger to send them above
Have no problem stabbing of writing there throats
Or shooting a dog and taking there coat
We humans are sick in the head
Listing to gunshots as we go to bed

Man and his world
The sad reality is
We crawled out the oceans
And found paradise
We sectioned off all kinds of areas of it
Gave them names like
Continents,countries,states,provinces,cities,towns and villages
And we’ve spent our whole existence waring over it all ever since
All while ravaging,carving,over populating,and polluting along the way.
This is
Ma and his world
Mankind and the sad reality of its whole existence

And so he it this is the no we are
A with hate and disgrace
We give our brothers scars

Sorry for the outburst
According to information
I have obtained
I have a disorder
Maybe two
And if so
Have had it for
Many years
Not official yet
Not been diagnosed
Just going by what i have read
My sincerest apologies to mankind

We look at the leaders then at the feet are the fallen
We look at are brother at are feet they are crawling
We could either help them
Or just walk away
Leaving our people forever in pain
We look at the wounded the raped the hurt
The weak the blind ,disabled and burnt
The tortured the beaten the ones who deserve
To live to laugh to remember one more day
Is who we as humans have chosen to turn away

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