forgeting about love


forgetting about love sick from the widthdraw

Forgetting about love is not an for me
The Day I met Dion, was the day I was set free,
I used to feel trapped, I used to feel bound,
But that was before my true love was found,
My eyes are wide open, taking it all in,
Now I am happier than I have ever been,
I thank the Lord as I look up above,
For my husband Dion and never forgetting about love

Forgetting about love
I’ve tried once before
I’ve prayed to god above
Oh how I did implore
Now here I go again
Down that lonely road
Dealing with the pain
Hoping to implode

Lane of love is charming
happiness within heart is blooming
suddenly life seems darling
Oh! How I long to be there cherishing.
But, love is addictive
still it remains protective
being the constructive
and blooming the assertive.
Forgetting this true love is idiotic
livin' sans it is psychotic.
Wisely choose path on love problematic
love is free will not a tricky hypnotic.
True love is worth living
without it, life is nothing.
Love is all about free will
otherwise it's wise to forget it.

He stabbed my back
Love was a knife
He got a girlfriend
He ditched my life
We used to be close
Now we're so apart
He swore we'd be friends forever
He stole my heart
He said nothing could end us
Though our love wasn't the same
Isn't it funny
He's the one to blame.

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