shamrocker ☘️❤️☘️

Submissive To Her Dom

       Their bodies become one. Much to his surprise; it’s like swimming in an ocean as he enters her inside. She can see this pleases him which in turn turns her on. Nothing makes her more excited than pleasing her dom. The pleasure she feels with each thrust of his dick makes her want to taste him ; just a little bit. His hand around her neck makes her want to climax. “Please Sir may I cum” “oh no” he whispers “not yet”. He teases all the parts of her that now belong to him. She can’t control this much longer; she needs to give in. She begs and she pleads “oh sir please let me cum” “ NO” he shouts louder “ I am no where near done.” His kisses are soft around her breasts, he bites on her nipple, she is so wet now. She wants every inch of his manhood  deep in her mouth. As he complies she begins on the tip. There a taste of heaven pouring out; she gives it a lick. He lets out a deep moan she’s now in control; she takes every inch of him deep in her throat. The taste of him is addicting, she aims please. His submissive woman gets down on her knees. As he lets it all out she swallows him whole. He pulls on her hair puts his hand on her throat. “Sir may I cum now”? “Yes but only for me” she lets it all out for him to see. This too pleases him; he grabs her neck, as they gaze into each other’s eyes, they together climax!!

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