You once asked me 

“What’s the one thing  you’ll never forget?”

I blushed so hard

I shrugged, went past

I couldn’t stop thinking

The answer is You..



Busy times, rushy days

We were so occupied in our own ways

But you still made me happy

You gave me your time

Maybe it isn’t such a crime

To call you mine..


The cheesy moments, the awkward smiles,

Your beaming eyes and the way they shined.

The 5 min conversations we struggled to have,

Among the unwanted people, I swear!


I recall the sudden  time you tried to touch my cheek,

And I screeched like a crazy freak!




Sometimes I wonder,

Why does my heart always ponder,

At the very sight of you.

The calls you give me out of the blue

What did I do to deserve someone like you?



We’ve been through ups and downs,

We’re in this messed up world,

But at the end of day

I miss you so bad, I wish you could stay..



But nature has its plans,

I know we try, but we just can’t,

live in  harmony.

I don’t blame you, neither must you.

You need to rest and

come back some other day,

I won’t mind the delay.

As you said  “it’s peaceful, when you’re away”

I gladly give you your space !


But once you’re done meditating,

And you’re mind’s finally free,

Come back

For I shall wait ..

  • Author: Felicity (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 24th, 2022 03:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: We’ve all been through a phase of self realisation . The mistakes we made, the misunderstandings, the pointless arguments.. we wish we could go back in time, erase them all and rewrite a happy story instead. But that’s how life is.. we cannot get all that we want, sometimes we just need to accept it the way it is. This poem speaks about how sometimes it’s best if we stay away from the ones we love, not because we dislike them but because they’re better off without us being a part of their life.. it’s less complicated and all we want is the best for them …… I self designed the poster .. 🖤
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Neville

    once started, I couldn't stop my eyes from wandering slow down the page and drinking every word in .. write on my friend .. Neville

    • ChrisLyn🕊

      Thank you for reading 🧡

    • Saxon Crow

      That was a very lovely poem. I thoroughly enjoyed the familiarity of every word.

      • ChrisLyn🕊

        Thank you for reading 🧡

      • Accidental Poet

        Love will find a way in time. Well written poem ChrisLyn. 👍

        • ChrisLyn🕊

          Thanks for appreciating 😊

        • MendedFences27

          A good write, O.K. better than good. What struck me about it was the tone, very free-spirited. More about desire than Love though. "We just can't live in harmony" isn't a recipe for long term relationships, but maybe for a free spirit that's all she wants.
          Your poem is well expressed, your message comes through clearly.
          I thought your poster to be clever, and artistically poignant. you matched it to your words. Liked it. - Phil A.

          • ChrisLyn🕊

            Thank you Phil for reading and appreciating 😊

          • EmotionsOnwhitepaper

            Such lovey words and beautiful poem. I enjoyed every line and word of it and i can relate to it sometimes.
            Keep it up 👌

            • ChrisLyn🕊

              It’s great to find someone who related to the way I feel

            • EmotionsOnwhitepaper

              If u gone through this time that dude must have used his whole year of luck whom u have liked 😂

              • ChrisLyn🕊

                Probably I know right 😄

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