Beauty and the best!


The world seems to revolve around
beauty, locks and race
We’re often being chased,
judged by society,
Oh what precious time do they waste!

Does it matter what we look like
If we all experience pain
No Matter your colour
If your stabbed you bleed the same
no matter how you act like one day you'll. Surely die
And just because your beautiful
Doesn't mean there's no beast inside
So forget about your differences
And swallow up your pride
Because the sun will set
And you'll forget
Your pretty little lies

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
It doesn't matter if we're young or older,
It doesn't matter what we look like, or our age,
Only how we live our life and when we turn the page,
Beauty only runs skin deep,
Our real beauty in in our souls that we keep,
Our inner selves is what truly matters,
We can look like a super model,or mad hatters,
So next time you see your image, think of yourself as a guest,
Because what you are on the inside,is beauty at it's best

Beauty is I
The beast disguised
My silhouette remains
The beast she fly’s
With broken wing
Searching dawn
A heart to sing
Flying with swans

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