Walk with the Lord


Walk with the Lord every day of your life,
Keep Him in your heart and avoid any strife,
Talk with Him as you would a close friend,
Because when all else is gone, He will be with you in the end,
Lay your troubles down at the foot of His throne,
And He will take them away, and make them His own,
Walk with the Lord, absorbed in your heart,
He has always been there right from the very start,
He knew us all before we were ever born,
If you don't know God, then please learn about His love,so your heart won't be torn,
Walk with the Lord in all that you do,
We owe Him at least that, for all he has done for you

Walk with the Lord. No matter what. With the Lord on your side you’ll never sweat the small stuff. Hold tight to his love for he never lets you down. When you feel all alone The Lord is around. Walk with the Lord from now until forever. With the Lord close by we can walk together.

Walk with the Lord for he is your rock
The each you day you atop
Run with the Lord in the valleys of love
For no little child is never enough
Live with the Lord bask in his glow
For the wisdom we seek only the Lord knows
Bring your sins your guilt your pain
And by the name of the Lord be born again

Walk with the Lord,
when times are hard,
and when times are right,
because He will keep you,
through the day,
and all through the night.
No matter how you feel,
He will never,
let you out of His sight.
So walk with the Lord,
and lean on,
His everlasting might.

Walk with the Lord
You will never get lost
If you are, He will find you
How great He is
Walk with the Lord
You will not have nowhere to go
Just keep walking
He will take you to the right place

walk with the lord through the desert sand
walk with the lord to the promise land
God will provide and help you to
getting over what you're going through
so if you walk with the Lord with all your heart there will be nothing keeping you and God apart

O man! walk, walk, walk with the Lord
holding onto the lamp of his word
until you know who is the God.
O man! Walk, walk. Walk
and never forget to talk
until you hear him knock.
O man! Walk, walk, walk straight
until you develop your unique trait
with Christ Jesus our your friendly bait.
O man! Walk, walk, walk without fright
donning the gown of faith in delight
making you walk through all your plight.
O man! Walk, walk, walk with the Lord
using his words as the sword
till we enter his heav'nly board.
O man! Walk, walk, walk
let's us no more block
just walk, walk, walk.

O man! Walk, walk, walk with the Lord
Gird up your loins and run before the newest ford
Seek for His wisdom
Wisdom will come only from His Kingdom
Arise, shine, for your light has come
Pray. Praise 'I AM'
Put righteousness as a breastplate
Let His name be seen on all your heart slates

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