drunkened at my door


nighttime with my dad I was watching the tv
knowing sooner or later I will have to go to sleep
I heard a knock on our door so I went to get my dad
he was walking to the door to see whos knocking so bad
he opened it up I saw whats there I was in shock I didn't make a sound
there sits my grandma, knife in her chest blood splattered on her gown
he picked her up to put her on the couch still I was standing there
dad grabbed the phone called 911 knowing it was time for bed I didn't seem to care
then grandma shouted I looked back as she stabbed herself again
as I watched with horror I realized it was her who stabbed it in
I fell down and started to cry while grandma keep shouting out
"God damn I stabbed myself 2 times and I'm not dead by now"
then dad came in with the police and took me away while the ambulance tried to help
and since that day I wondered why she could feel as if she was not enough
when she has a grandson who was only 6 and his grandma which he dearly loved
I never got to say goodbye due to that my heart had sunk
and whenever I asked why she wanted to die they'd just tell me "she was drunk"

Torn Apart
By DepressedMess24
Is the fusion poem where
I have shared before
It was difficult to type it all out
Afterwards I had to smoke a big fat joint just to hold my shout
Your more than welcome to go check it out
And I hope you do
Thats why I share it indirectly here with you
A three pound clay ashtray is the first line you’re looking for
I hope this will suffice please excuse the the gore

When I was just eight, I was molested by my stepsister,
And she would hold me still and make me kiss her,
Don't tell anyone, I will put the blame on you,
And say that you made me, so what could I do,
I kept it hidden inside, for many,many years,
Then I finally told my family, through my flowing tears,
I'm sorry,mom, I'm sorry dad, I didn't want to,
Is what I said to my parents and my heavy heart felt new,
I trust in the Lord to lift me up again,
And now I feel free, and safer than I've ever been

Watching my mothers face fight
For her very last breath
god refused my plight
Delivered me death
and failed to answer my call
Leaving me to find where angels fall

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  • Finished: May 11th, 2022 10:30
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