blue orchid

Wrath of God

Beware you sinful nations,of our mighty God's wrath,

A sinful nature plus wickedness,you do the math,

Beware you murderers and rapists,

The Lord's wrath will pour over you like hot oil, for you're on Satan's list,

Beware you kidnappers and thieves,

Your cries for help will fall on dead ears and you will be overtaken by grieves,

Beware you evil men, lightning will strike you down,

And when you call for help,your words will only drown,

We all deserve the wrath of the Lord,

We are all sinners and should be judged by accord,

But we were freed by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God's Son,

But only if we believe that He is the one,

The Messiah and Savior of our souls,

Jesus Christs love is the only thing that makes us whole

  • Author: blue orchid (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 27th, 2022 13:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just a warning to all that are rapists, murderers, thieves, kidnappers, abusers, and all humanity,we are all the same,dead in sin and overcome by evil, unless we give ourselves completely to God, and we will be washed clean and without fault
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  • Saxon Crow

    Didn't Jesus forgive a thief? Didn't he also say the most important commandments were love and worship God and love thy neighbour. That being said I agree with some of the folks on that list of yours but the less heinous can be forgiven. Jesus did and as a follower of his I have to do my best to emulate his work. All that aside. A very passionate poem Blue. Really enjoyed it!

    • blue orchid

      Yes he did,but the thief also gave himself to Christ, and I strive to follow and emulate his work also, I feel the need to get the warning out among people as much as the gospel, many can and will be forgiven,but only if they follow God
      Thank you so much Saxon, I appreciate your feedback

      • Saxon Crow

        Amen to that Blue

      • orchidee

        There is that side to this Blue. Good write.

        • blue orchid

          Thank you Orchi,we need to express all sides I feel

          • orchidee

            Yes, but I know a place where they rather overdo that side. Poor people get it in the neck every week. They probably repented 50 years ago, having been there that long!

          • ForeverJesus6

            This piece is very powerful, and very true. For those who do not repent of their sins on this earth, they will be in hell when they die.

            Thankfully, we do have the free gift that is eternal life in Christ Jesus.

            • blue orchid

              Absolutely, thank you my love

            • matthew jay

              Blue, I loved this. We have to be more open about the totality of our actions. Two times in my life I stood facing death. God answered me. I looked to him. David wrote about killing men in combat who called to God for help, but he would not hear them. For he did not know them. God has to know you to help you.

              • blue orchid

                Exactly so my friend, thank you so much, he has heard my cry many times

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